Selling Tips

Listing your property for sale can be both exciting and terrifying, however some small changes can make a big impact on your selling price:


  • Garden beds should be green and healthy, minimise weeds
  • Palm fronds should be removed
  • Grass should be green and mowed
  • Trees close to the house should be trimmed back
  • Verandahs/ brick paving as well as the outswide of the house should be gurneyed
  • Ripped flyscreens should be replaced 

In the Home:

  • It's amazing what a coat of paint can do to lift the presentation of a home
  • When painting, still to neutral colours
  • Ensure tiles/ carpets are cleaned
  • Declutter declutter declutter- rooms appear larger without all the clutter
  • Wipe down walls to remove hand prints left from children
  • Make sure dirty laundry is picked up off the floor
  • Ensure showers and toilets are clean
  • Make your bed!